Lou Tavistock Hotel 2010

"We found the whole experience [great]....You guys kept us up to date with what was happening around us and just from watching the DVD's you sent we now know we are not alone in the Tavistock Hotel.  You guys are AWSUM and we look forward to having you guys back...."
                                                                           Owner/Operator Transport Museum 2010

"What a fantastic group of people, the second visit was even better than the first one.  We couldn't believe how much scientific equipment you guys pulled out, if there was anything half obvious there I'm sure you guys would have found it...
...And thanks for calling a spade a spade, it's nice to know some people don't just tell you what they think you want to hear.  If I ever thought we would need to call you guys in again, I wouldn't hesitate."

                                                                               A.D. Owner Private Residence 2010/11

"Congratulations to the Core Paranormal [NZ] team for a job well done.  They are extremely professional and very thorough in their investigations.  They leave no stone unturned, and use very sophisticated equipment which identifies all possible manner of presences.  They were wonderful to work with, and discreet.  I would highly recommend them to anyone planning a paranormal investigation."

                                                                      KJ Owner Horowhenua Private Residence 2011

"I had asked Core Paranormal (NZ) to investigate occurrences that I felt were happening and I wanted cleared up and explained.  The professionalism with which the team approached my property and their task were very impressive.  I would certainly recommend Core Paranormal (NZ), with their equipment and experience, to anyone wanting to have strange events around them explained.  The report and footage that was supplied to me certainly made me feel at ease and explained some things to me....."

                                                           Brooke & Steve Carr Owners Hawkes Bay Private Residence, 2011

"S and I were so pleased to have Core Paranormal in our lives.  George and Crissy  with the rest of the core nz crew are very professional, genuine people, a real pleasure to meet.
From the first phone call I had with Crissy, she made me feel very comfortable talking about the events in our home. Not easy telling people whom you have never met about your beliefs and experiences.
The day they arrived, from the moment they got out of their car, they acted in a totally professional and friendly manner. They were very at ease with the experiments which they done and showed S and I they were acting in our best interests and totally respected our spiritual beliefs.
They captured some truely amazing events, some of which would not have been possible without their high tech equipment such as a thermal camera and high spectrum equipment. With this equipment, they photographed an image of a dog in our hall and a man looking out a bedroom window.
They also managed to get some wonderful voice noise. Some tapping and a man saying "watch".
Unfortunately the night went so fast. We are looking forward to having George and Crissy and the core nz crew back in our home for the re investigation.
Many kind thanks for everything you have done."

                                                                           Private Block Southern Rangitikei, August 2011

“…investigators from Core Paranormal (NZ) approached me to come to my property and investigate the buildings and I had no issue with that. It was good to meet them and they were trustworthy and discreet…..They are welcome back again…”
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
                              Marion & Toro Napier Prison 2012 Testimonial for an investigation carried out by Core Paranormal NZ

We invited Core Paranormal NZ to do an investigation of the whole prison. It was arranged for the investigation to be done overnight on the 24th of May 2012, and they arrived on schedule,

They were very unobtrusive causing no disruption whatsoever. We found George and the Core NZ crew to be happy and pleasant people who were respectful to our wishes of privacy in certain areas. They investigated the Prison in a culturally respectful manner We trust the team implicitly and admired their attention to detail.

We found Core NZ to be very well equipped Investigators with a multitude of equipment which they put to good use.   They use as much of the equipment as possible so they are able to cross reference any data they gather, which must be a plus for any client seeking their services or help. We are looking forward to Core NZ returning to do follow up investigations in the future.
                                                                                                Trista private home investigation and cleansing March 2015

Thank you so much I'm happy use came down I thort he was gone turns out I was rong. I can't thank use enough my house feels so much better :-)  I'm very thankful